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Individual & Group Benefits

Health & Life Insurance

Insuring your life is essential. If you and/or your family aren’t healthy and secure, then none of the other “things” in life like cars, homes, businesses, etc. matter!

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

Do I have adequate health insurance if I get sick or hurt?

-Excess medical bills represent one of the top reasons why people have to file bankruptcy. Health insurance will alleviate this risk by placing a total out of pocket limit per year that you can spend. You also gain broader access to care. Furthermore, insured individuals generally keep up on preventive measures more because they seek care regularly, making them "healthier" over-all.

If I were to pass away, how will my family financially cope?

-It’s critical to make sure that your spouse and/or young children are cared for financially if you passed away. Life insurance can’t bring you back, but it can help eliminate financial strain for years to come for your loved ones. You can set them up for success by helping to pay for college, mortgages and general life expenses. Life insurance creates an instant estate for you, enabling your family to pay off debt and move forward into their future worry-free.

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Turning 65 and/or need help with Medicare?

-Trying to navigate through the Medicare enrollment process could be very confusing and overwhelming! We will provide you with free, custom tailored, individual consultation to search out the right plan for you. Our approach is to educate you on "how it all works" and to offer the products available to you.

Watch Rachel L Gaudet, CISR, CIC talk about Medicare Basics.

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Policies We Write:

• Individual Health
• Medicare ( MAPD, Supplements, Part D plans)
• Long-Term Care
• Small/Large Employer Group Health
• Group Vision
• Individual/Group Life
• Individual/Group Dental
• Individual/Group Short- and Long-Term Care Disability